Sunday, March 3, 2013

In the past two weeks (February 2013) I have received information that was denied me in March of 2009 concerning the attack by a bull mastiff that nearly killed my dog and injured myself.

The people allowed the person walking a bull mastiff that matched their dog identically to let me think it was the attacking dog that had run loose.

These people have no sense of responsibility and I am told got rid of their bull mastiff following the attack on my dog in March of 2009.

I have no way to prove anything in small claims court now and 4 years have passed.



Helen said...

I am so sorry that you or Salty never got compensation for all those injuries. They will get paid back some day for lying like that. Glad to hear that your Mom is doing ok. Your house is looking good. Hopefully you will be able to finish it when warmer weather gets here.


Kath said...

OH! Mark I am sorry to read of this.I had no idea you and Salty had been attacked.I mustn't have been around at the time.I didi move home around that time ,so maybe I was offline.It's disgusting when people do these things to cover up.........WOW!!! your home is looking beautiful.You have done a fabulous job of it.Happy to read your Dear Mum is doing well.Keep up the good work Mark and I prayers your health improves somewhat.Take Care God Bless and cuddles to Salty.xx Kath xx