Friday, December 31, 2010

Home Addition

Since last spring I have been working steadily on completion of the exterior of the building project started in 2006.  The front addition room began in 2004 following the passing of my father with my mother offering to fund the project.  She is doing fine I am glad to report. 

My current worker has been a pleasure to work with and we worked at night this past fall using a halogen work light and flashlights when he was available in the evening.  My health was not good toward the last several months with my knee replacements as well as right hand going numb.  We worked through some intense heat in the summer when my worker was then available during the daytime as we installed fiber siding from the barn roof on the north area of the second story. 

It is 60 degree F here in S. Illinois today on the last day of the year.  Salty is outside in his pen and I will be walking him as I do everyday. 

I could not be more pleased with the accomplishment we have achieved in getting the building exterior to the way it is. 

Have a very good 2011 everyone.



Ally Lifewithally said...

My Dear Mark and Salty I hope you both have a wonderful New Year filled with happiness ~ health and wealth ~ Ally xx

madcobug said...

You have come a very long way Mark. I hope it won't be long until it's finished and you can enjoy living in your work of art. Happy New Years day to you and Salty.

Julie said...

It looks wonderful Mark and you have come so far, persistence pays off. Give Salty a pat for me.

Greg said...

Hey Mark, I'm so excited to see the house at this stage!!! It has been a long time in the making. I know you are happy to see it like this. You've done an amazing job, and it looks professionally done.

I hope you have an amazing new year!


Linda :) said...

It's beautiful Mark! You've done a wonderful job... You should be proud... :)

Kath said...

Well Well Mark !!for some reason I lost your URL to your Blog and I have finally found you once again.What a suprize I got on coming here to see the amazing work you have done on your home.Yes it has been a long long haul and you have endured so much pain through it all.You are truly an inspiration to anyone never give up,is one of my motto's in life.May I wish you and Salty and your builder friend.A Very Happy New Year 2011" and many more of them in your beautiful home.It's wonderful.Very proffesional. Well Done, Clap Clap.Take Care God Bless.Cuddles to Salty.Regards Kath Motherhen.xx

Kath said...

HI Mark,I was so pleased to see your comment tonight in my mailbox.I'ts been such a long time since I was at your blog.I seemed to lose quite a few of my URL's a while back now when my computer crashed.I have found you again through seeing a comment from you in Ally's blog.I see you havn't blogged for a while,but my oh my,how your house has materialised since I was last here.It's wonderful.You ahve done such a marvelous job on it mark,and it looks fantastic.Well done you.Sorry to read Salty hadn't been well I do hope he is now back to complete good health.Yes I had another wondeful holiday with my Son in Dallas for a week,then we flew to SanFransisisco for a week and did the route 1 all the way up north as far as Oregan.It was very tiring but I saw some wonderful places.Good to be in contact agin Mark.Take care God Bless Hugs to Salty.Love Kath Motherhen.xx Ps.Did you know Old Sam passed away so sad.xx

Rjet33 said...

It looks great, Mark! You need to update! Happy New Year!

Kath said...

Good Morning Mark.I just popped in to wish you a "Happy New Year" 2012..I am just paying a call on a few blogs who do not write so often nowadays.I do still like to stay in touch with these bloggers,so I hope you don't mind me calling round to you oc=once again.Prayers you are keeping well and {{Hugs}} to Salty,I hope you are still managing to make progress on your home.It's beautiful.Take care God Bless Kath xxxx