Friday, July 4, 2014

 Northeast porch
 Northeast porch

 South room
Today July 4, 2014, I hope that you are having a day of relaxing time to spend doing something enjoyable.  A day to remember and thank the Veterans that are serving and have served our country.

The photos show first the northeast corner of the 2 story addition with 1/4 inch plate glass window.  The plate glass was free from a store display case that I had stored away with several other larger pieces.  I cut 3/8 inch "rabbit" channels with a sharp circular saw blade on the side wood panels.  Then I used rope caulk to seal the glass.  I still must finish the entire project with trim, and then stained wood panel.  This is the interior area entrance at my back door. (The only door as the front door entrance remains unfinished) I must be careful that I don't overdo things and cause my back problems.  Last winter this porch area was not separated from the main house and heat was escaping and costing me money.  It was an extremely cold winter not to be forgotten.  This coming winter will have the now closed off porch area from the main house and heating ( air cond.) will cost less, and be much more comfortable.

Photos 4 and 5 show the south room that is 8 feet by 12 feet floor space.  Created are a set of decorative beams made from 2 inch by 4 inch (actually 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 ) (8 ft. boards fitted) wood stained Canyon Brown, a water base easy control stain.  Canyon Brown is brushed on with either one or two coats to control darkness.  By brushing the streaks can be eliminated leaving a desired appearance with no removal using a cloth. The hardwood 1/4 inch thick Luane panels are stained with a combination of part Gunstock MinWax Stain, Thompsons Wood waterproof (mineral spirits type), and clear Polyurethane mixed together and applied with brush.  No removal of stain with a cloth this way.  Just brush on the mixture and it is done.

Above shows 1/4 inch (blue) Styrofoam layer on top of the back of the stained panels.  This made it easy to slide the fiberglas using a broom to push the fiberglas insulation up the ceiling area.  R-5 Styrofoam attached to ceiling joists, R-30 fiberglas insulation.   I am always getting fiberglas in my eyes even wearing full goggles.  The one board with sanded paint showing through is a cedar board as I could smell the cedar one day when I was on the ladder and noticed it was coming from that board.  I retrieved the board when the "Main Street Baptist Church" was being demolished  in Carbondale next to Memorial Hospital.  It was a beautiful landmark made from large pieces of chiseled stone blocks having stood for nearly a century I think.  It is now a vacant area set aside for landscape appearance owned by Memorial Hospital.  I don't know how long that cedar board was part of the room of one of the church areas building.  The other side of the board has no paint remaining and is sanded off by the belt sander.  

Artists drawing of Giant City State Park in Southern IL is by Mark W. Tribley

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Helen said...

Your house is going to be beautiful when you get finished with it. I am so sorry that your back is still giving you a lot of pain. Seems like once you have problems with the back it is always there, sometimes worse than others. I am drawn over some with mine now and have lost one inch of height over the years. My prayers are that yours will be better someday.