Tuesday, October 27, 2009

View of home addition

Showing a view of the North Side of my home addition, and as you can see I still have much work to do to finish this side. Photo was taken near sunset and I will show more of the building in the next entries. The color is 'Silver Charm', a gray with some blue that blends with the dark Estate Gray shingles that cover my cabin/front addition. Figuring a way to place my 24 & 20 foot aluminum ladders in reaching the tall peaks was extremely important for safety. The corner wood is a treated wood with Thompson's Water Seal applied giving the wood it's appearance bringing out the grain and color. As weather looks good going into November, more work should be accomplished in at least installing more windows and some siding with painting while the temp. is above 50F. There has been an extremely rainy Oct. but Nov. is predicted to be above avg. temp. for several weeks. It was near 70F yesterday and Salty got a shampoo, now his coat is soft and he is indoors today during the rain. His coat feels nice as I brush my hand over it and he must feel good - a clean change from his usual dirty rolling in the ground, and digging that he enjoys outdoors. Mark/Salty


madcobug said...

Looking good Mark. It'
s really going to look good when you get it all finished. Lets hope for good weather in Nov.so you can get a lot more done. It's a rainy day here also.
Glad that Firefox is working for you. Ken just sent me a download from his computer for an add on that allows you to add all the favorites from internet explorer that you can add on to like we do on explorer. I mostly use AOL for my mail now since it won't let me comment on but a very few of the blogs.
When you get finished with your house and have more time I will send you some of the blogs I have found about birds and other nature things. Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Mark lovely to see you are getting on so well with your building ~ and it is nice to catch up with you again ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...


Jeannette said...

Mark, it is looking wonderful! All that hard work is paying off and it will be great when it is finished. Glad Salty got a bath, give him a pat from me. I am still running my journal.

Jeannette said...

It's beutiful Mark, I didn't realise just how big it was! Well done for getting this far, I know it's been hard on your back but the end is in sight now. Salty sounds like the two border collies I had, they loved rolling in dirt and mud.... plus other nastier smelly stuff! If I bathed them they'd want to go straight out and roll about in it again! Jeannette xx

Rjet33 said...

It looks great Mark! Thanks for your comment on my Thanksgiving entry. I did enjoy reading it. Merry Christmas!