Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here it is Aug. 18 and I am making slow progress putting up siding. It is concrete/fiber and I am learning how to work with it. My right ear had an infection which I believe was worsened by cutting the concrete/fiber with the diamond circular saw blade which raises a cloud of dust. I ordered a tool that cuts the material without causing dust and am happy though it was expensive. Yesterday I spent 6 hours installing just one long panel and 5 small cut pieces around one window using caulking as I went. I also pre-drill each panel with a masonry bit which takes a long time as the bit must go slowly. I will hurry up at some point I am sure and drive the nail through which causes the back portion to create a break-out quarter size hole I found out when removing a piece I had installed. Eventually it will all get installed but it is a slow process. I will start painting the west side as soon as I finish it. This building is why I am not on the internet. So to my friends that I have missed visiting, I will hope to visit you again this winter. Wish me well... Mark and Salty P.S. Salty is doing fine.


madcobug said...

I think you have done really well Mark considering all those back problems you have plus the ear problem. You might consider getting those little foam cushions to put in your ears. I think you can get them at a drug store. That would help keep out that dust. Good luck finishing the rest of it. Update as you find the time. Helen

Sandra said...

I agree with Helen, Mark. You are doing so well despite your health problems. Keep up the good work and give Salty a hug from me. :o)

Love Sandra xx

Linda :) said...

I'm so glad Salty is doing well and you too with all your construction progress... no matter how slow, it's all you with your own two hands... :)